3am Haiku

In the dead of night
A single car on the road
Sounds like a parade.

2 thoughts on “3am Haiku

  1. Not the 3 am car: when we hear them here I think of vandals especially with the church opposite. The car’s occupants up to no good.
    The street now seems quiet mostly. Traffic very light during the day.
    Hope you and Joy are staying sane. How’s the vegetable patch going?
    I wish we had a vegetable patch, bit impossible with Astra.
    Take care
    XSherryl and Peter.


    1. Thanks S&P! How can we stay sane? – That’s a state we’ve never attained nor claimed! Keeping active in isolation, we ordered 2 tonnes of mushroom compost this week – shovelled it into wheel barrows and wheeled from the front drive to the garden around the back . I predict a good winter garden. Summer’s was a bit of a struggle, but we haven’t needed to go to the greengrocer for a while (except for tatties and leeks) Stay well you two plus Astra!


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