The Exhibitionists!

There has been some low-level scurrying and snuffling in the Fox Holes.
We threatened to stage an art exhibition, and now we are.
The two Vixens (Amelia and Joy) and the old worn Dog-Fox (Ant … i.e. me) have got together under the guise of A.Fox Collective.
Our exhibition “Abstracted Landscapes” will hang for two months at the lovely Rain Moth Gallery in Waikerie by the River Murray in South Australia’s fruit-growing Riverland.

We call it “Abstracted Landscapes”, but perhaps that is slightly – just slightly – misleading. Some works are more like “abstracts landscaped”, some are “fibrescapes”, some “buttonscapes”, some “lightscapes”.

Amelia captures, in fibre and photo, the subtle light of landscape and experience.
Joy repurposes buttons from the past, some mundane some flashy and fashionable, bringing wearable hints of history.
My paintings attempt to show what landscape feels like, rather than record exactly what it looks like.

Mother and Daughter Hanging – Amelia and Fibres

If you are passing through the Riverland, pop in – supporting the rural art scene is a good thing, and supporting us Foxes would make us very happy.
We are friendly and house-trained!

Up North (oil on canvas)