Joni On Sunday

 	I am sitting in the front room 
Joni Mitchell through the speakers
And she sounds so sweet and gentle
That my heart goes out to her.
	But the kids out on the hot road
Are all riding on their skateboards
With loud and rowdy voices 
That bruise the peaceful air.
	But I’m sitting in the front room
Joni Mitchell through the speakers
Sweetly singing me a shelter
From the harshness of the world. 


Springish Winter

It’s a beauteous sunny day in Nairne, in South Australia’s sunny Adelaide Hills.

Beauteous, but I’m not suggesting that it’s warm or anything approaching warm, however I have a jumper and am sitting wearing it with the house’s doors and windows open – Celebrating winter.

A cooling breeze, with “a taste of spring-time on its lips”, has come in playing with my aged whiskers.

Because I am a caring and sharing senior citizen, I am sharing beautiful strains of classical music with the neighbours 
(OK – it’s not “classical” per se, but rather Robert Plant [“Pictures At Eleven”]),
but “classical” sounds so much more sophisticated and fitting for an aged and sophisticated gent such as myself (and that album is a classic of its kind.)

Sounds of Spring in Winter

I wonder what the poor people are doing? 
… probably, like me, they are wondering how to pay both the Council Rates AND the electricity bill both due this month.

“Down at the station where the trains come in” 
… all is well, and time for a (low carb) sandwich and a cup of tea.

Ahhh – nice!